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Hotel Bella Luna

22 October - 7 November 2020

Flight Path Theatre

Produced in association with Jetpack Theatre

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Welcome, esteemed guests, to Hotel Bella Luna!

Set in an intergalactic hotel on the moon, you as the audience arrive to find yourself stranded as almost all the hotel's staff and supplies have mysteriously been shoved out an airlock. Whoops!


Now it’s up to you and the other guests to figure out what on Earth happened and save the hotel. Hotel Bella Luna is a COVID-Safe, interactive Sci-Fi/comedy where the audience play newly arrived guests. They’ll need to talk to the remaining staff (played by live actors), work together to solve puzzles and take votes on deciding which systems to fix. The show is reactive to audience decisions and has plenty of secrets to discover, so no two experiences will be the same.

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The Agency

October 2018

Old Red Lion Theatre

London Horror Festival

Supported by Collab Theatre Company

Are politicians causing you stress?

Sick and tired of the government?

Then we have the solution for you!


It’s 2029, the government has been privatised and the day-to-day duties of the state have been passed to the ever-helpful corporate super-entity known as ‘The Agency’.

You have been chosen as a board member of this new-and-improved corporate government. The story spirals based entirely on the votes you take, and you and your fellow board members are given free rein to reshape the world in your image. But beware, not everything is as it seems.

Containing game elements, secret objectives, live digital interaction, and more, you can sit back, relax and enjoy like any other theatre show, or dive in and become part of the action. The Agency is never the same show twice and who remains alive by the end is entirely in your hands!

Like ‘Black Mirror’ with a pinch of ‘Monty Python’; it’s a dystopian dark comedy and a great night out.

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"I was utterly immersed from the moment I entered"

Audience Reaction

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