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About Ponydog Productions

Ponydog Productions is an immersive/interactive theatre company and the brainchild of Davey Seagle.


Debuting at the London Horror Festival in 2018 with their dark-comedy dystopian thriller, The Agency, Ponydog has since immigrated to Sydney where we continue to make weird, and wacky theatre.

Thank you for joining us for this show, and we hope to see you at the next one!


We have some very exciting things in the pipeline...

Director's Note

I stand on the shoulders of giants with this show.

Most of the expertise on display is full credit to Dr Alex Mesker and Ash Bell, cause holy shit.

But I want to give an especial shout out to those you so heavily influenced this show:

  • The board game Fog of Love.

  • A really freaking cool interactive experience I did in 2012 in Toronto, that for the lif of me I can't find the name of, but it was me and one other person in an audio experience that had us chasing eachother around a supermarket. So cool.

  • Temping

  • Work.TXT

I saw those last two in March at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and OH MY GOD.

Experiencial design is great, and I'm excited to be trying it out with more tech now.

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